SEABreeze Transport

We are the best because we try harder.


Most Common Questions

  1. Are you a cab company?

    Yes. In fact we are contracted with local company, Best Cabs, Inc. to fill in our day-to-day operation.

  2. How much lead time do you need for best service?

    Of course, the more the better. Especially for early AM pick-ups. We need to be able to block out the appropriate amount of time it will take for your trip. We also have to account for the time it takes to get to you from the last point of delivery. Here in Wichita that is generally 15-20 minutes. However, if you are in a different location we must be able to legally get to you in time. That time varies by distance. 

  3. How do I know you'll show up on time?

    You don't. But our testimonials speak for themselves. Our experience is your assurance. We have 2 active drivers and the backup of a local taxi service if something unexpected happens. We are generally a few minutes early but never run more than 5-10 minutes behind.

  4. Can I just ask about a rate from point A to point B and not book the ride yet?

    Sure. We are more than happy to answer all questions about rates. The per mile cost is established by the city and is standard throughout the industry in Wichita.

  5. What forms of payment do you accept?

    We accept all major credit/debit cards, Travel Checks, and several forms of electronic funds transfers. Also 'In God We Trust' accept good old fashioned cash. The only form of payment we do not accept is Checks.

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