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We appreciate our customers. We especially enjoy when they leave a few kind words for us. Please take a few minutes and let others know about your trip. Tell us if we did bad. Tell the world if we did good. Feedback is always appreciated. You can also leave reviews at our other business sites listed below. Just click the link.

Quotes Susan has been very dependable and great to work with. I have used Susan for the last 3 years and have been very pleased and would recommend her to anyone. Quotes
Mia Kaufman
Very Satisfied Customer~ Jan.21, 2011

Quotes Dear Madam' The following review I wrote for u in the yellow page with 5 star. I am writing this review for a nice lady, who is honest and dedicate to her job. I am really amazed to see her commitment and duty for her profession. I certainly admire her for that in addition of her utmost sincerity . She is reasonable to her charge as well. Being a student, she charges me quite less, which is praiseworthy as well , I request everybody to take her cab for transportation because she is awesome in every aspects. Kamal Gosh Graduate Student Aquaculture/Fisheries Center University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff Mail Slot 4912, 1200 North University Dr Pine Bluff, AR 71601 Quotes
Kamal Gosh
Great Connection

Quotes Plain and simple, I have to travel for work, I call Susan to get me to the AP. Early morn departures- I send quick text with preferred PU time. She always answers YES. Afternoon departures- quick jingle in morn, "No Problem". I got lucky when I found Susan as a working partner. Quotes
Gil Silva
Great Job!

Quotes After retiring from the Air Force I decided I was too young not to work , so I took on a new job. That was nearly 10 years ago. I didn't own a car, didn't even have a drivers license. So I called one of the local cab companies. I had a scheduled pick up from home to work everyday. My service was very sporadic. Even though I allowed myself a hour and half from pick up to start of work, I spent many a day wondering if I would get there on time. Getting picked up to return home was even worse as it had to be a 'Call When Ready' ride. Until I met Susan. She convinced me I would be better appreciated by a consistent driver. She was right. In the nearly nine years I have been riding with Susan; and husband, Randy on occasion, I have never worried. I've changed shifts multiple times. Been asked to do overtime; go early- leave late. Susan has always been able to adjust right along with me. I have been so satisfied with my treatment I haven't even worried about buying a car. Thanks! Quotes
Howard Smith
Long Time Rider